Share Google Drive Videos with Restricted Download Access

Hello, I’m currently using Google Drive links to share videos in my app. However, I want to restrict all users from downloading the videos. The issue arises when I uncheck the “download” visibility option for viewers on Google Drive; the video ceases to be displayed in Glideapps, even when the share link is set to public. Am I overlooking something? Is there a method to allow users to watch my Google Drive videos without enabling download?


For instance, in the link below, the functionality allowing ‘Viewers and commenters’ to download, print, and copy is disabled. While you can watch the video clip in your browser, it fails to play when embedded into my GlideApp sheet

Not directly related to your issue, but Google Drive is not recommended as a method for displaying videos in Glide. If the video is served too many times, you’ll likely hit a limit and nobody can view that video anymore.

Is there a reason why you don’t upload directly to Glide storage?

Thanks for your answer! Yes, I’m aware of the Google Drive limitation but as I’ve just a few users it hasn’t been a problem so far. I’ve actually not tried glide storage, that might be a good option! I will try to implement it but as I need 10 GB for everyday videos I would quickly outgrow the starter and pro tiers. Thanks for the tip!

Actually, hosting videos in Glide Storage isn’t recommended by Glide either. Best is a service that is optimised for serving video such as Youtube or Vimeo.

Thanks Darren! One of the reasons why I’m using Google Drive is the feature to select all the videos and generate shareable links for them at once (instead of clicking on each video separately). I’ve tried Youtube, AWS S3, Vimeo, Dacast, Bunny, Vdocypher and Google Cloud and none of them have that feature (at least i haven’t found it). Do you know if there is any video-sharing platform with that feature?

Sorry, no I don’t. This is not something that I’ve looked into. Although I do know that YouTube (at least) has an API, so maybe you could do something with that?

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I will look up the YouTube API thanks! One of the problems with YouTube is you have to follow several steps to upload a video (in Google Drive you can just drop 100 videos and they are uploaded at once). Another problem is people can easily download videos from YouTube, I would like to use a platform with some kind of encryption to prevent this. The best I’ve found so far is VdoCipher but it doesn’t have the “select all the videos and generate shareable links for them at once” feature.