Looking for a way to disable copy link and share link on youtube videos

We have created an online platform for schools to manage their online classes and assignments and video lectures.

Unfortunately schools don’t want their unlisted videos hosted in youtube to be shared outside of glideapp. But the YouTube video embedded in glideapp shows copy link or share link and also auto suggests next play lists.

How do I disable this?

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Vimeo has the options you are looking for.

But it is only available in paid version

Yeah is there a way to let only a limited number of people access the videos through the app only?

Short answer…there isn’t with YouTube. There USED to be several years ago, but since then Google has eliminated the URL parameters from the embedded YouTube URLS to make this happen.

As a fellow educator, I empathize.

Hello Robert_Petitto,

I admire your videos. Do you know wether you tube change it’s policy of sharing the videos? Do you know if it’s possible by google drive? I’ve tried but glide still give the change to download the video… Any other ideas?