Audio not allow download

Hello, I have used the option to put audios that are linked to a url, but I do not want the options to modify speed to appear or to allow it to be downloaded, is it possible?
Thank you!

I was testing with a rich text solution but it doesn’t work.

<audio controls="" src="" class="wire-audio___StyledAudio-sc-1wjzwdi-0 jFRAaA" controlsList="nodownload" jm_neat="110141441"></audio>

My hopeful fix was to include controlsList=“nodownload”. Upon inspecting it seems like Glide stripped that out automatically.

When I manually edit the controlsList part in, the download option disappeared.

So I’m not sure what the fix is here.

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That’s not to mention some users might be able to check the underlying HTML and get the link regardless, so I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. Even if nodownload is doable, I read that back in 2020, only Chrome honors it, not Safari or Firefox.