Correct code to show audio player

Is this the one to in order to show up the audio player?
i really beg for your pardon but i tried several times and
no audio tracks is being played…as you can see i’m trying to avoid the download…
i’m just about to close my app instead i will have to stay asking more for achievin’ here…
can you help please?

< audio controls>
< source src="/assets/media/sound.ogg" type=“audio/ogg”>
< source sec=“https://www.txxxxxxxxx.mp3” type=“audio/mpeg”>
< /audio>

Thanks for your time.

Is anyone having the same issue ?

Use the audio component to play sound files:


I am already, but this , while i thank you kindly ,its not the solution.
I’m trying to remove the download option.
That i was asking for.

< audio controls=" " controlsList=“nodownload” preload=“auto” src=“URL DOWNLOAD AUDIO.mp3”>

but…if i put the link ending in mp3 i have the one below but with no audio at all…if i remove the no download it works…, i’m stuck’d in this dead end :pensive: i’m only eager to know why ? Only this, but i don’t wanna bother anyone , i understand there is a lot of work and efforts behind Glide and maybe my english is not so good , i’m only into the fastest way to do the things standing the fact the player is already in Chrome, Firefox etc i thought it would be faster in terms of efficiency to remove the download option using the internal assets of the webkits because our is a Pwa app but maybe its not doable at all ,that being said a Pro app with subscriptions using payhere with integromat or zapier leaving that download option its in my opion a little in contrast with the goal of selling subscriptions.So this is the last time i will ask for ,could be really understandable its only a problem of mine and i will just embed the elfplayer in a web view plus visibility.Thanks for reading till here and i apologize for anyone i’ve bothered with.Have a good day.

Check your quotes. All should be " instead of “ or ”.

Could it be that…my gosh…simple , thanks , i will check

< audio controls=" " controlsList=“nodownload” preload=“auto” src=“URL DOWNLOAD AUDIO.mp3”>

< audio controls=" " controlsList=“nodownload” preload=“auto” src=“https://www.—.mp3”>

tried several times but even if i copy your quotes when i save it gives out always mine…by the way i know i think this is the issue…so thanks and even if its not thanks for your kind answers.

Hi, david.
OK, but would you consider showing transparent/invisible or customizable players (like in Google Slides, it’s just a resizeable arrow that you can put anywhere, very discreet, until you click on it) ?
I’d like to voice over for ex my Home Screen, or Job Interview Questions on Swipe Cards (or anywhere like an audio guide). And the actual player does not fit nicely with any layout.
Thks, david :cherry_blossom:.

A new audio player components with NO DOWNLOAD options ; ) , images on the left or on the right ,
playlist , equalizer and wave visualizations ,backgrounds , rounded corners , shadows would be just SWEET !
Finger crossed !

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