Hiding download for audio

Hi Gurus

Has anyone figured out how to hide the dots to avoid users from downloading audio content and how to add a play count when a user clicks play

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I do not think that is possible, it’s the browsers’ built in audio player, and that (probably) cannot be modified. Even if you hid the three dots, people can still look into the page source and view where the audio is from and download it from there.

@ThinhDinh and I have tried to target that element via CSS and can’t find the class name anywhere to hide it. I don’t think you can.


Yes …this is very… annoying to find…
a lot of time working to discover this…and its my fault,
not seeing on the iPhone i didn’t notice…
Glide must give out a better audio player…indeed…,
this way…can’t be…THIS with no IN APP SUBCRIPTION PAYMENTS…
other than the tortuous ( for me ) AND VERY KINDLY GIVEN explanation
from Fabio Leanzi and Robert Petitto…VERY GREAT PERSONS INDEED, its a very serious issue on Glide here…
Seems you can’t build a serious audio app for selling…,
how can it be…, I bought a template , the insider cms template…because it was showing
a subscription button…but if one can download the items …who will buy the subscription just one time
after having downloaded all…is lost and a great loss for the “owner’s app” and the artists being shown there…
UPDATE : Same behaviour … 14 dollars paid…and I don’t wanna a refund…but more seriousness on this from Glide…,
so I’ll put all my mp3 linked to the demo versions on my site…but…this is very disappointing…
Being like this after this I’ll be back on Adalo, taking a look on what is happening here,because I REALLY LIKE GLIDE…but simple cannot afford this…its not acceptable from my client… .
C’mon Glide…do something…I don’t wanna accuse anyone I still think its me that I’m a tool, but please say something…
I must consider now to use my site by means of the web view…and using the WooCommerce
and Membermouse or Paid membership pro for have a secure player and the monthly subscriptions…
this also saying that I’m not still able to use the Payhere advices…maybe I’m too dumb.
A lot of time…wasted to discover this, not to mention that the builder doesn’t show that…,so how i could I suppose this to happen…

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I solved it via a workaround.
Since my files are hosted on S3, I was able to deny the ability to download via S3.
Happy to share the details but it’s applicable only if you use S3 to host the files.

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unfortunately not,
I’m taking my files from my hosting,
in app subscriptions and audio player are 2 issues Glide should handle far better, as they are capable as I believe they are

Hi what is S3 lol

Amazon Servers ,am I correct ?

Actually… @Robert_Petitto

I think I found it!

Here’s the html:

<audio controls controlsList="nodownload"><source src="SOURCE" type="audio/mp3"></audio>

S3 is a hosting solution under Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Wow …thanks…really kind ,but…is it possible to add that in Glide ? And where ?

Paste it into a Rich Text component.

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On Glide? … i cannot access …i understand on a rich text editor the html can be handled but the matter here is where on Glide ?

There is a rich text component. You don’t need an editor. See Jeff’s link above

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Thanks for the trick Pablo!

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Thanks Pablo!

Ok…not sure could work in my case , as you can see I have alreeady a player is there a way to instruct to load the song as the previous one ? Actually I’m digging right now …kust saying , thanks for the help .

Just create a template column with that same code that then replaces ‘SOURCE’ with your url. Then use the template column in the rich text component. Then remove the audio component.

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Not sure …so I have to rebuild from scratch the app ?
Template column where is it ? Components ?From the plus button or in the Glide’s tables ?Schermata 2021-03-12 alle 05.14.18