Hiding download for audio

Exactly what you have on your screenshot. Now type SOURCE in the replacement field and select your audio url from the drop-down.

Use that new column in your rich text component.

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I don’t think could work , my songs need different urls…this way if I’m not wrong I have the same url for all the songs…Thanks for the help :pensive:
Didn’t see your gently answer …let me try again…, thanks for be here

No, that’s not how it works. Each row has a different url, so the template will automatically be different for each row.

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It doesn’t load the track and as far i can see its not even fitting all the screen…

Do I wrong something else ?

Change SOURCE in the code and the replacement to something different like {SOURCE}. It might be replacing the word ‘source’ in both instances in the code.

The last time I tested code like this, I couldn’t get it to fit the full width of the screen either. I’m not sure how to fix that.

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Thanks guys for all the help and really don’t wanna bother you…but I do really hope to have new audio player one day…!
For me changing the word it doesn’t seem to work…
Time for me to put demo url in the app…so the people won’t download the real ones… :pensive:

All I can do while I’d prefer’d not is to put a web view componente which loads the album url from its url and load this , I didn’t want to use the web view just because its slower…3 to 9 sec…to load…,in my case

Let me tell you that with a player like this you could smash the competitors…
thanks for all the help here…I’m awake from 2 am and now are the 6. and I have to rebuild the app from the ground up…, thanks for being here with me while from Glide support there was just " we are sorry we will refund" …when some one spend a lot of time with you giving back the money its simply not enough…as answer …, the one I received here from the Glide’s experts is a different thing…,please please just please improve the media section and the payment ( recurring ones ) please.

does this works? mine is not working… :grin:

When i ask’d it was very hard to answer to me, i realize it now , yes it works even if i changed my way to this embedding in a table an iframe with my services , to all help’d me out , thanks

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why mine is not working… lol