How to integrate Soundcloud's audio into Glide?


I’m trying to automatically fetch new tracks from Soundcloud through Zapier. The zap works great, however I have an issue.

How can I integrate Soundcloud’s track into Glide so a user can play the track within the app, rather than being redirected to Soundcloud?

I have tried to embed the content, but with no luck so far.

Not even sure if this is possible though.

Thanks for your help.

Have you tried adding an audio component and pointing it to the url of the audio file?

Yes Jeff, I did - while the player shows, it doesn’t work (stuck on 00:00)

Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 17.16.31

Same goes if I try with iTunes.

The problem could be that SoundCloud’s URL are without file extensions, but simple permalinks (e.g.

I have tried also by adding /download.mp3 at the end of the permalink, hoping that this workaround would work.

It looks like soundclouds audio is pretty integrated into the page and probably a lot more complicated than a simple mp3 link on the page. With a quick look of the page source, I couldn’t find any obvious urls that would point to an audio file. I’m guessing they have it a lot more locked down than that and require authentication and api tokens just to add a widget. A link to the page doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a link to the actual audio stream.

I’ve tried it as well as it doesn’t work with Soundcloud.
As Jeff said, if you can’t find the mp3 file link, then the audio component won’t work.

And using a Webview?

You can call the Webview using “data:text/html” followed with the url encoded embed contents

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Thanks but I have tried it and I get this.

P.s. I have tried also with “data:html<iframe…” in the correspondent cell.

Thanks Jeff.

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Did you end up using another Podcast platform that allows mp3 links?

I have looked into some soundcloud files and it seems they store it in a m3u8 file.

To be more specific, they break the song into many small mp3 files (which you can download separately but will be hard to join them together), the whole packaged is store in m3u8. I have seen this setup many times in other websites for videos.

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I have a different problem specifically related to the Soundcloud Playlist embed (Pro version allows for embedding links):

The SoundCloud playlist embeds nicely, but there is an interesting bug I am seeing on iOS iPhone only so far - All songs play without issue on desktop playlist, on iPad, and on MS Surface Pro (Edge). But, uniquely with iPhone so far, certain tracks are not playable and get skipped when selected on iPhone. Does anyone know why this would be? I’ve looked on Soundcloud’s FAQ and haven’t found any relevant info.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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soundcloud show as a video :slight_smile:


Yep, just did it. It works!