Help with adding this to app

Looking to see if there is a way to embed this into app some how other then a link

Hi There,

This can be done easily by adding the stream URL as a Music Player Component to your Glide app!

For your information the stream URL that worked on my example just then is:["!!UID!!%22%5D%26aw_0_1st.nmc%3D%5B%22%22%5D%26aw_0_req.gdpr%3Dtrue

hmm tx ill have to look and see what i can get and do you put in in rich txt or what

If you make a column headed Radio Feed (For Example) and underneath put the radio link and then assign this to a music player within the components list you’ll be onto a winner :slight_smile:

tx alot
gonna try now

made the changes to sheet with link now which music component do you use … there is audio video and link components? I don’t see anything label music component. sorry as I am a newb at glide

Audio should work.

The audio type field worked with the example I set up :slight_smile:

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