Pre-selection in Choice Field

is there a possibility to set a value in the Choice field as pre selected?
Another solution in my case would be to make the Choice field, although it is set required, not to display it through Visibility settings and therefore not to make it required anymore. Can this be realized?

Thank you and best regards

Where are you attempting to show the choice component? In an Add, Edit, Form, or Detail View screen? In an Add/Edit/Form screen, I would say no you cannot set a default value.

Why would you want to hide a choice component instead of turning off the required checkbox?

Hi, Jeff,
thanks for your input.

The app is a small order app for a small shop. Some items have variants, some don’t. I want to display the selection of variants for the items with variants as a mandatory field. For items without variants I do not want this.

I think if you can set visibility to hide the choice component based on your prior selection, then it will not be required, even if you have the column set to required.

With some brief testing, it also appears that you can pass a value from the prior screen to write directly to the sheet as a non-editable value using the Columns Values. Then use that auto filled value to set visibility on the choice component. So you could have a column in your item details that indicates whether a choice is needed or not (true/false), and then write to the form response sheet using Columns Values. Then use that value to display the choice component only if needed.

Either it didn’t work last time or I didn’t see it right:
Now, if I switch off the visibility of the required selection field filtered accordingly, the form can be submitted even though it was not selected.
My main problem is solved, of course.
A preselection that the user can see would be great anyway.

Thanks Jeff and best regards

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