Unwanted '-' (hyphen) in the list of Choice items


I’m seeing a hyphen at the top of entries in a Choice selector. But, I don’t have a hyphen in the column pointing to the list of choices. Any way this hyphen can be removed? Please see the attached screenshot.

I think that’s there to allow us to unselect a choice. Otherwise there is no way to change the choice to blank once it’s been set.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager for that thought.

But in my case, the Choice field is a ‘Required’ one. So, ideally there is no need of the ‘Unselect’ option.
Also, I see that a copy of the same app doesn’t have this hyphen appearing in the choice list.

Hmm, I’ve noticed it in all choice components as of a few days ago. It’s showing for me regardless if the component is marked required or not. I have one app with an edit screen of all choice components that are not marked required. If I went through and selected all “hyphens”, it won’t let me submit the form because it sees that nothing is filled in. The hyphen is not saved to the sheet. I can see in your case where it wouldn’t be necessary if the component is marked as required.

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I think having the hyphen option is a good idea. For example, it allows a user to see if someone was assigned to a task in an app where service calls need to be recorded. @Jeff_Hager is correct in saying that the hyphen is not saved to the sheet, it just leaves the entry blank.