Unwanted '-' (hyphen) in the list of Choice items


I’m seeing a hyphen at the top of entries in a Choice selector. But, I don’t have a hyphen in the column pointing to the list of choices. Any way this hyphen can be removed? Please see the attached screenshot.

I think that’s there to allow us to unselect a choice. Otherwise there is no way to change the choice to blank once it’s been set.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager for that thought.

But in my case, the Choice field is a ‘Required’ one. So, ideally there is no need of the ‘Unselect’ option.
Also, I see that a copy of the same app doesn’t have this hyphen appearing in the choice list.

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Hmm, I’ve noticed it in all choice components as of a few days ago. It’s showing for me regardless if the component is marked required or not. I have one app with an edit screen of all choice components that are not marked required. If I went through and selected all “hyphens”, it won’t let me submit the form because it sees that nothing is filled in. The hyphen is not saved to the sheet. I can see in your case where it wouldn’t be necessary if the component is marked as required.

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I think having the hyphen option is a good idea. For example, it allows a user to see if someone was assigned to a task in an app where service calls need to be recorded. @Jeff_Hager is correct in saying that the hyphen is not saved to the sheet, it just leaves the entry blank.

I would like to be able to remove hyphen option. It is possible? To have first option as default would suit me perfectly. Is it possible?

Yep, just make the field required.

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Making the field required, in a scenario where interacting with the choice component is meant to be optional, prevents a user from submitting a form. It also starts to look really weird in horizontal selection type.

How about making it required but put a quantity of ‘1’ in the first position? I agree the hyphen is not the best looking option, but there needs to be a way for user’s to unselect an optional choice component. It would be nice if it was possible to just tap the selected option to unselect it on the horizontal choice.

Hmm. Orders received would then show a Qty ‘1,’ product ‘blank.’ This section of the form is for products with a minimum/maximum order size requirement. If I make it a required choice, they’re forced to buy rock crabs minimum 5, for example. The hyphen is not a deal-breaker, more UX.

Gotchya. I think I discovered something that may work for you. Read this and let me know if it makes sense to you.

Yes! I do this often. I make the choice component required but hide it until it’s needed. When required fields are hidden, the firm is submittable.

The first part did :slight_smile: and it’s the way I have things set up. But I think my app is a pesky scenario. Even though hiding a required item solves for form submission, if a user unhides a required item, but they don’t enter any value/make a selection, and also don’t hide it again because there’s no need to, the form cannot be submitted.

The app serves as a template for businesses, all with varying order form configurations/customizations.

There are 5 opportunities to make product selection. Only ONE (Product category 1, Item 1) is a required choice. If a consumer uses a toggle switch to add another item and that choice component is required, the form works only if they do add that other item.

My previous post was assuming that you were viewing an item, then clicking on a form button to add that item to an order. I now see that not the case.

For your case, I would put a unique value in the ‘choose your seafood’ choices by either enforcing the seller to enter something like the word ‘mininum’, or have them make selections when adding items and using if then columns and/or template columns to build the choices.

This way, if you have something reliable to look for in the choice (‘minimum’, ‘’, ‘#’) that won’t look out of place to the user, then you can set up the visibility of the quantity choice to only show if the selected choice only contains (‘minimum’, '’, ‘#’).

The user won’t be in control of whether or not the quantity choice shows, so once it shows, they are required to select something.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager, as always. I’ll see what I can do with this. I can’t compel seller or buyer to enter values or make choices beyond the very first one (they may only want to buy ONE thing). So any tweak will have to be in the base template, before it’s copied, and not be something they will have to manage, or accidentally wipe out when entering a fresh batch of products every week. You just gave me some ideas though :slight_smile:

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Hi @Rasha

My demo Pizzería APP uses some tricks you are using on your APP although I didn’t use switches to show/hide additional options (products).

In my case, the user at the beginning select up to 4 products with their quantities, later my APP shows him the total amount to pay and if everything is ok, the user will report his payment on the APP (I don’t use the Buy button or Stripe service).

Here you can test it https://pizzeria.glideapp.io

I hope it helps you


hey @gvalero I actually did try to order some pizza over the weekend :wink: Interesting approach but I got lost when I saw this:

Is that a page issue?

No!! It’s a warning, a message telling you that you haven’t reported your payment yet (Por Reportar Pago)!!

Sorry @Rasha, I understand your problem because the message is in Spanish. Clic on your new order and report your virtual payment, fill the input fields out and send the order when a switch will appear on screen (Reporte terminado?)

Let me know if you could understand those instructions in spanish finally :slight_smile:


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you really shouldn’t have translated the entire flow for me – awfully nice of you :pray: Funny thing is I do speak a little Spanish but thought “Pago” was “Page” and in combination with the flashing warning sign it just registered as ERROR in my pizza brain.

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Hey Robert thanks for this. How do you hide an element in a form? Is it possible only by incorporating css into a rich text? I’m trying to do so to take your approach of removing the ‘-’ option within my choices.

If it’s not possible, is there any way I can change the “-” value to something else?