Posts do not show in categories

Hello together,

im new here and would need some help with showing posts in different categories. I creted categories like this:

Top Level (Sheet 1) → Sub1 (Sheet 2 / Column 1) → Sub2 Sheet 2 / Column 1
(Followed exactly the glide video tutorial)

That is working fine i can click through the category tree and finally come to the last level. What i can not figure out is how to show the posts inside the categories.

I have another sheet with my posts in it and a collum called “Team” with a relation to the subcatgory sheet but the post dont show in the inline list (Last Level)

Can anyone help me out?

Best regards


Hola @Matthias

Welcome to the Community?

I northerly to show your post in your category screen you need to have a column in your category that has type category say A, B , C

Then in your post sheet, you need another column with the same category A, B, C

From the category sheet, you need to create a multiple relation (tick the check box :ballot_box_with_check:) from the A, B, C column to the same A, B, C column on your post sheet.

Then put this relation in an inline-list.

Note: your categories MUST be written exactly identical, otherwise Glide will not show anything on that relation.

I hope this helps.