I have a column Category 1 and a column Category 2. Glide combines them in the database as Category. That’s nice. But when I want to show them both in a list I can only choose between 1 and 2 not the two together. Any ideas?

Do you need them as an array for other things? Your could always rename them. What do you mean by showing them both in a list?

But shouldn’t I be able to select Category in a component in stead of Category 1 or Category 2?

Only if it’s a component designed for multiple row values, like the image component or signed in user filter. It’s not a string of multiple text values in one column, it’s an array, which is not a string, but an array object of strings (sorry, going into my programming speak). If you want to display multiple columns in one component, you will have to use a template column to join them together.

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I am trying to build an address book per Category and Sub-Categories, ending with details about a Brand

Ex. Category A
Sub category A1

  • detail A1.1
  • detail A1.2
    Sub category A2 etc.

I attempted to use the learning guide (Glide Docs).

I made more or less the same G-Sheet template (

It’s been hours, but I can’t deal with it ….

Do you have any ideas ?
Many thanks in advance

Take a look at Multi-Level Select in