Post doesnt appear

(Using the instagram template)

When i post stuff it appears on the ‘posts’ page and also on the ‘your profile’ page. But its not on the ‘users’ page!
I think its because when i post stuff, you can’t see the name of who posted it. It only says the photo title/description.

What settings can i use so that:

  1. when i post, it says who posted it
  2. on the users page, you can see my posts.

You can capture the user’s name and email while creating a post and then create a multiple relation with the user on the user profile sheet.
Then use an inline list inside the users tab to show the list of posts.

I found the inline list, where is the list of posts?

Did you create a relation between users and posts?
If you did, you will see a data field in the inline list which you could link to the relation column.

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How do i create a relation??
This is what my settings look like for the users page

Relations are created via the data editor.

I just created a relation between users and posts. (i think)

Now in ‘posts’, i can see the name of who posted. But now I cant click on the users.