Possible to create survey tool that instantly shows stats after each question?

Something like this:

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So I would imagine it to be like this:

  • A card to display the question and possible answers: image of the question as 1 field, question text as 1 field, answers as 1 field.

  • A button that says “Answer to see stats” that links to a form that writes your choice to the Sheet.

  • A chart or a Cloudinary image that is always there below the question and takes the information from the answers to the question, but will only be visible once the signed-in user has answered the question.

To create that visibility condition, I imagine you can create a template column joining the signed-in user’s email and the question’s unique ID. In the sheet where you store your answers, create the same template column (make sure you catch the unique ID of the question when you make the form as well) and make a relation from the question sheet to the answer sheet. If the relation is empty show the form, else show the chart.

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