A Simple Chat App

Hey there! I’m just poking around and wondering if it’s possible to set up an app to ask me a question every day.

The goal is to have two tabs, one with only the question that needs to be answered today and the other with a list of previous answers. The goal would be to open the app to a blank screen with a prompt and a highlighted form for input. Then it would save the sentence and not allow another one till the next day. Some of this seems possible with spreadsheet logic, but not sure the actual components exist in glide to build this, after poking around.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Set up a question sheet with dates, and then an answers sheet. Add the questions to the question sheet with the date you want it to show. Set up the tab with detail style view and add a filter that only looks at today’s date. This will show one question per day. Then add a form button that will submit the question and answer to the answer sheet. You can display the answer sheet in a second tab as a list.

Next set up a relation column to link the question or some sort of ID to the question in the answer sheet. Add a lookup column that will get the answer from the answer sheet. Now you can use the lookup column with the visibility control to hide the form button once the question is answered.