Live Audience Poll

Is there a way to host a Live Audience Poll within Glide Apps? If not, can we make this an option?!

I have an event next month and I need up to 200 responses. I know there are external options, but I thought this would be a really great idea within our Glide Apps too.

As long as you are ok with a possible delay of a minute or so to tabulate all the responses then you would be fine. If you need to live poll in a rapid fire fashion, with multiple polls in a row, it may not be. I would be very curious to see how it worked. I say go for it. As a backup, in case the delay is too much, have someone (or yourself) at your laptop and hit the Reload Sheet in the builder after each poll closes.

For this event, there is only one one-question poll in the morning and one one-question poll in the afternoon. Do you know of a way to do this already within the app or has someone in our community figured it out? I would love to know how to set it up as an option.

Thank you!

First off, in order to prevent more than on vote by people you would have to require a Public Login via email/pin. As for the details I haven’t done this myself so I don’t have a quick solution to offer. Maybe someone else has.

Good point. I was already planning to do this, but that’s a good reminder of the importance! Thanks George!

I think a simple Form Button should be enough. All results will show up in a sheet with the details you need. Some simple formulas can be used to tabulate and summarize the data.

Yes, maybe two form buttons, one for the morning poll and one for the afternoon poll. The only thing to think about would be multiple votes. You would have a separate sheet for each pole, that is where the Form Button would point to. But the tabulation would have to use the UNIQUE() function to make sure you were not counting anyone twice.

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I did something like this with a vote/poll with forms.


Thanks for sharing this! First, I love that this app is all about the OT! What a great way to teach kids visually!
Second, I’m going to have to play around with forms cause this looks great! Are you requiring everyone to do the separate email login and pin as mentioned above?

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Well. I kinda did it on the honor system. So my students could vote all they wanted. And technically they could vote for the same person all three times. I guess with Sunday School we trust them. Ha!

Hi spencerRus, how did you do the dropdown on the Input form?

OK done :slight_smile: but how did you do current leaders?


Brilliant, would love to see the sheets

There is a lot here: I think the sheets are the VOTES and RESULTS

I did this a long time ago and am sure there is an easier way now. But here it is.

Thank you, your a star!

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spencersRus since you’re a genius here, any idea how to restrict 1 person to cast 1 :open_mouth:

Sorry, I got nothing. I have thought it out, but it was not something I was really concerned with.

Hopefully, if you are voting on a Bible app, you would be honest :slight_smile:

But, some thoughts - this would only work if you made them SIGN IN with email.

Not sure how this would work, maybe someone reading this …
But, if you could make an IMAGE that connected to the FORM then count how many times that email ‘voted’ - the made the image disappear when vote total equaled ONE. Using some formulas and an IF-THEN column.

I know there is something like that in that ‘concepts’ app.


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More info on what @spencersRus is referring to.

Conditional button based on user

You could also use an inline list of one item where you control the reference value using formulas. If a reference value is cleared out due to a formula, then the list item would not show.


I have been thinking about this and have come up with a workaround that works for ME.

I let my users vote/RSVP as MANY times as they want, but ONLY THE LAST one is counted.
Must be signed in by email.
And in the form, must have the Special component that registers the Date and Time of the submission.

Here is a sample:

Three tabs:
ALL RSVP lets you see all the times everyone has filled out the form
LATEST RSVP lets you see JUST THE LATEST. If they filled it out twice, only the last one is posted.
Then I put one for ALL YES (just so I could have a list of affirmatives.

Admission: I do NOT have any idea how the google sheet works. I just put out a request for HELP on their boards (like this one) and some kind soul fixed it for me.
Here is a link to that: