Possible missinterpretation of Google Analytics view count

My app has been just launched and we are very very few users… however analytics displays thousands of views in a couple of days. Does anyone know possible reasons?
Google Analytics is correctly set as everything else makes sense

Thank you!

Do you have your app link shared anywhere, or is it indexed in search engines? I’d imagine that several people are finding a way to your app, which would register in google analytics regardless if they signed in or not.

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The app is not indexed in any way. Very strange… also the view count of every page is anomalous (too many page views considering the visitor count)

Thanks for your help anyways!

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Yeah, I’m not really sure then. I have google analytics enabled on a couple of my apps, but I really haven’t explored it much.

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I’m looking at darn near identical data (most viewed screen, 2,429 views for 16 users), and just came here to search for an answer. Perhaps 20x reasonable views based on the apparently accurate user counts.

My one shot in the dark guess was that it could be refreshing constantly… such as a 20 seconds of viewing translates to 20 views. In Glide under settings > data > refresh there’s the option for refresh “While editing or using the app” vs only on edit. That hardly seems like something that would be counting up tons of views… but like I said I’m shooting in the dark. I guess I can toggle the option and see what the next few days look like.

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Looking more at what the Glide refresh is… definitely don’t see how that could be related.

More googling outside of Glide Community, and found this saying if the Google Analytics code is installed multiple times then you get view counts way off. Glide handles the instal with us just inserting the tracking ID in the integrations settings… so perhaps Glide has things being installed multiple times per page?


Most Likely Cause: You have your Google Analytics code installed twice. Sometimes, this may be due to the fact that more than one person is working on your site, or possibly just put the code in twice for “good measure.” Whatever the reason, it is not only affecting bounce rate, it is doubling your pageviews, and pages/session since it is counting pageviews twice for each page.

Quick Fix: Ensure that all pages on your site only have the proper Google Analytics code installed once.

Feel free to tell me I’m wrong about things… I’m very much learning as I go. A solution would be nice though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think you might be right here. I just checked the source of one of my apps, and found two instances of the tracking ID. This might be a bug, I’ll take it up with Glide.


Let us know if it solves it! Thanks

Woohoo! Glad to be of help in finding the issue. And thanks for checking it out further and bringing it up with Glide. Accurate view counts would be valuable for me, as I can show them to potential sponsors.

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Any update from Glide? I’m showing 70k views on my 2 week old app lol… I’d really love to have an accurate number!

Apologies, I forgot to update here.

I did have some communication with Glide, and was advised that the two occurrences of the tracking ID is normal and expected. Essentially the message that I got is that we really need to provide some solid evidence that this is over tracking behaviour before Glide will commit any resources to investigate further. The comment I received: They may be misinterpreting their own view count. We treat each page in an app as a distinct “view” event.

I had an idea of setting up a small test app to see if I could gather some evidence, but I haven’t been able to get around to that yet.

Ugh… this is definitely not accurately counting each page view as a google analytics view… at least I’m pretttty sure.

Without doing any different setup, here’s some evidence. 68,902 views, by 847 users, 4:45 average time… 81 views per user. That’d be 3.5 seconds per view… hmmm… that doesn’t sound unreasonable at that level.

Digging deeper. The app is a tinder for friends. Right now I’m letting users in at 20-30 per day, with a backlog of 300ish people signed up but not granted access yet. Waitlisted people set up their profile and then hit a wait list screen. Once in, there the swiping tab, a basic social wall tab, and a few other little things.

I would think the swiping part is were the views could rack up fast. 11.6 seconds per view on average… that’s long. Idk if that’s counting each card view or total on that tab.

Social wall… this is where I have a banner at the top and care about view counts. 22,769 views, 134 users, 2:04 average time. .69 seconds average view time. Could be reasonable if people tap out of this tab right away. But it’s 169 views per user… that’s a LOT of times to tap through a tab you only care to spend .7 seconds on. Ok, I guess those could rack up from people popping into a post details, then back, in the next. There’s only 6 posts up on the page though, with 0-4 comments on each… it’s not very active. Pulled up the screen views for the post… 6 users viewed it 39 times? That’s a lot of times to go back into the same post. Next one 54 views by 12 people, and only 1 comment so not that interesting to keep checking back on. None of this have been very convincing.

This one is though… “Referral” and “Create profile and account” are pass through screens during onboarding. 20.5, and 11.3 views per user. And 5.7 views per user on the welcome pass through screen. it only makes sense for those to be barely over 1, for some users who left and came back mid way. That seems pretty darn clear to me view counts are off by an order of magnitude or so, as we were thinking in the first place.

I think my advice at this point would be to raise a support ticket directly with Glide, and provide all the above details together with a support link and a Loom video that walks through and points out where you believe the over counting is happening.

In my experience, the more details you can provide, the better chance of getting an early resolution.

Just out of curiosity, what’s typical turnaround times in your experience? Like, if I do provide details in a video or even link a test app to google analytics with the app not distributed out beyond myself such that the views are controlled (though I think that’d cost upgrading a test app to pro), am I hoping a week or two, month or two, or bunches of months before it’s addressed?

I’m sorry, I really can’t say.

I’ve reported bugs/issues and seen them fixed within days (or even sometimes hours), and I’ve reported others that get iceboxed for months. I think it really depends on how Glide choose to prioritise it internally, and I can’t speak to that.

I guess the only thing I’ll say is that if it’s easy to replicate, then I’d expect it has a much better chance of being looked at.

Gotcha, I didn’t expect there to be an exact time but that’s as helpful as I could ask. Thanks for your time chatting about this! Similarly I need to prioritize my own time in what’s worth pursuing, as we all do. Right now trying to get the free text notification solution up of emailing user’s phone numbers :slight_smile: