Polar Area Chart Request

I have a client that wanted me to submit a request on their behalf. They would love a Polar Area Chart:


Use Case
There is a feature in the app for users to rate themselves each day in 8 categories. The goal of this chart is to show the user how balanced they are across the categories. If one section is 100% and another is 0%, then the “wheel” isn’t rolling efficiently.

For now the data can be shown in a bar chart, but this polar chart would fit the narrative better.

Related Requests
In my opinion, line charts are higher priority than this item…

Also wanted to note that the polar chart is a different approach to display data like the chart requested here:




But seriously - quickcharts provide way more charting options than we could ever hope Glide to provide, and they integrate so well with Glide. I’d hate to see the Glide team spending dev cycles adding new chart features when there are so many other cool features that we’d really like to see.


Beat me to it!

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@Darren_Murphy @Robert_Petitto
Thanks for the suggestion! I am fully aware of Quickchart.io The image above links to it. I suggested this as an option to the client.

100% agree.



Hello @darren
I did an alternate solution while waiting for the Glide team to add it to the chart collection.

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