Line charts coming?

Love the Charts feature but could reallllly use line charts

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What’s your specific use case? Could you maybe post an image of how your chart looks like if you do it in Google Sheets?

a quick description. for now and an image tomorrow:

This would be for time series data including both a line for daily values and a 10-day moving average line.

Line charts would be great, especially if they helped to display a larger volume of data than the existing bar charts.

My use - displaying daily run or swim distances recorded over time (100+ entries)

+1 for this.

I’m creating an app which records the turnip prices of the game “animal crossing”, for my family use. My wife and son are writing them down and drawing charts by hand on notebooks right now :frowning:

The line chart shown on the app is currently an image from Google Sheets, which looks something like this:
(sorry, it’s in Japanese. Y-axis having prices, X-axis having dates.)

It serves the purpose, but having line chart support would be great for my app, as a chart image generated by Google Sheets get updated only once in a while.

BTW, thanks for creating and providing such a wonderful platform, I think it’s getting popular in Japan as well. Even a local civic tech group has created an directory app similar to Come CDMX :tada:

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