PNG Image showing on Glide app builder but not on android app

My app’s URL:

I have been posting Google Drive links to a png image in my app for a while. However, with this last png, the image is showing on my Glide Builder and not on my app. Is there a limit to the size or dimensions for a png image?

Can you share the link to your image? This usually happens if you’re using http instead of https links.

I’m sorry, I meant, can you share the actual URL value in your sheet? Not a picture of your app.

This can also happen if your Google Drive link is not public for everyone.

Prior to now, in Google Drive I would right click on the image and get a shareable link and then paste the link into my episode column. For every image before today that process has worked.

I have tried using the “public for everyone” option and that did not work. Please advise on what other solution I can try.

I found the solution. I had to reduce the dimensions of the file to half.

Hello, please how did you reduce the dimension?

When I exported the png from my graphics program, I reduced the pixel size to about a third of the original size.

Ok, thanks . This should do