Plug ins for reviews?

I don’t know much at all about plug ins (would love any video tutorials), but I was wondering if you can use plug ins on Glide for things like Google Business reviews or booking software?


When you say “plugins”, do you mean the new integrations?

If so, Glide must have a built-in integration for those services, with specific actions related to that service for it to work.

Yes, by plugin I mean integration! I wasn’t previously aware of the new integrations, but since you said that, I read that now the new glideapps can integrate with any SaaS software.

I’m assuming that anything new that comes out is not for the old apps, so i didn’t know if there was a way to integrate the old apps with other platforms. I mostly want my salon/stylist profiles to have existing online reviews on their profiles, and for their profiles to be connected with existing booking software instead of clearly going to a different platform for customers to book appointments.

I also can’t wait to move to the new glide apps once it seems like that process is setup!

I noticed there is a Yelp connection and looking briefly through Yelps API, you might be able to pull some of their existing business info, ratings and reviews.

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Hey Joe! i’m wondering if that is just available for the new Glideapps, when I click on integrations here nothing happens?

When you hover over the “Integrations” folder when adding a computed column, if nothing appears this indicates that Glide Actions are not yet activated within your app.

To activate Glide Actions:

  • Go to your Glide Dashboard, where you arrive when you first sign in to Glide and where you have an overview of your teams and apps.
  • Go to the team where you would like to activate Glide Actions.
  • Above your apps at the top, you should see the banner below.
  • Click on “Try now”.

Before making any major changes to an app, I would recommend you duplicate it so you have a backup. Since Actions apply to an entire team, you could consider duplicating the app and transferring it to a separate team.


Adding to what Nathan said, you’ll also need to add the Yelp API Key under App Settings

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thanks Nathan! It’s unfortunately not available for classic apps. Hoping to have a seamless transition to the new apps when that kind of assistance is available.

Ya, Yelp integration works really well! If I get the go-ahead from my client to showcase this app, I’ll make sure I use it in my next video:


damn, that looks great. When are we going to be able to switch over our classic apps gracefully?

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Hopefully before the end of the year. Not sure when exactly.

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Curious, which Yelp info did you pull for this screen? All of it?

Yep! Image, name, description, price, rating (which I converted to stars), and id which I used for the open hours column. Used some Javascript to display when the business is open until today.


can you also read all the Yelp reviews right on the app?

No. That info isn’t in the API. Will need to link out to actual review.

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