🆕 Please try the new Glide builder

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Are these the icons you mean?

No, I meean the icons on the tabs list. in many cases I don’t use nay title and in the old editor you could see the icon on the list and I used to it to find the right tabs but now I just see empty row when deleting the title.

Ha, yup. I just noticed after testing removing the title. I have an app like that, but haven’t worked on it with the new build. Probably just as well.

Thanks to the Glide team.
If I use Glide table to create App, does this mean that my APP can be execute in China?


@garrison, Resizing is a good idea.

Looks like the China question has been asked a few times, but there doesn’t appear to have been a definitive answer. I’ve done business in China, and have had to navigate the “great firewall” in the past.

Whilst I can’t give a definitive answer, I can make some educated guesses based on experience.

  • China blocks most (if not all) Google services. This means that Gmail authentication almost certainly won’t work.
  • China also blocks many other non-China domains.

It’s important to note that (AFAIK) there is no direct communication between Glide app clients and Google Sheets. The data flow with Glide looks like:

  • End User (client) <----> Glide Servers <-----> Google Sheets

So in theory, as long as the Glide servers are not blocked/filtered in China, then Glide apps should work. This should be the same whether you are using Google Sheets or Glide Tables.

The best way to find out is to try it. @Hsu_Mark are you in China? If you are, have you tried it? What was the result?

Edit: I should make it clear that the above speculation refers to using Glide apps in China. If you want to build Glide apps in China, that’s a different story. Given that the only way to log into the builder is via a Google account, then I would expect that it’s not possible to build Glide Apps in China (unless you want to start messing with VPN’s - which would be risky).

Some past posts on this topic:


@Darren_Murphy Thank you for your reply.
I’m in Taiwan, but I will ask my colleagues in China to try.

  • End User (client) <----> Glide Servers <-----> Glide Table

Hope China did not block Glide Servers.
I was testing before, the following process cannot be used in China.

  • End User (client) <----> Glide Servers <-----> Google Sheets


@Darren_Murphy I am currently making a Glide App in the US. I originally intended it for my US colleagues, but am currently trying to use it for my colleagues in China too.

My app is setup to limit access via email. I am not using “Allow sign in via a Google account”.

They are unable to login. It doesn’t appear to be an issue of getting access to the Glide App servers, but rather the email access feature isn’t working. I don’t want to make my app public - it is intended to be used for internal purposes only.

Cannot login glideapp

According to my contact, this translates to, “this email account can’t use this APP”.

Any help or insight on this issue would be appreciated!

I know this is an obvious question, but is the email address they are using actually included in your allowed email list?


Yes it is. Double checked. They also have dual emails ending in .com or .cn

We tried both and they didn’t work.


Okay. I’m not sure what else I can suggest.
An interesting test might be to create another very simple app, and make it public with email, and then ask them to test that. That would at least rule out the possibility that it’s anything to do with your app that’s preventing the sign in.

Another thing that might be worth a try would be to register a domain in China (you’ll need somebody in China to do this for you), and then use that as a custom domain for your app. No guarantee that would work, but could be worth a try. If that did work, then you’d probably end up needing two separate versions of your app - one for China, and one for the rest of the world. But you could have both apps using the same tables/sheets at the back end.

@Darren_Murphy Thanks for the advice!

I will try one or both of those and report back.

@Darren_Murphy my contact in China got back to me after I made a few trial apps. He gets the same error with all the different sign-in options. Looks like the functionality is blocked completely due to IP address of the server?

mmm, I think that’s a reasonable conclusion to make.
Are you intending to try the custom domain option?

I guess another thing that might be worth a try is to work with a CDN provider such as Cloudflare (there are many more). It depends how much trouble you want to go to, and how much time and money you’re willing to invest to find a solution.

A last resort option would probably be VPN, but that’s almost certainly illegal and would be very risky, especially if you’re operating a business in China.

In Map Style/ default view option icon with bug

Other bug. If I use one of main Styles (not Details style), for example Tiles, and click+ctrl (so in select mode) on Tiles it anyway goes to open details. But I expect to open inline list options.


I think if there is a minor improvement here better to have a glide table icon in the dropdown to match the style in the data tab

wow this is beautiful

Hello. can you please tell me where you found the delete option? I am pulling my hair out, and can’t find it anywhere.

The delete option is inside of an Edit form. Also you should have the option to assign a delete row action to any component that accepts actions.