Please try: New & Improved Tiles Layout

Love this feature which really helps the apps to stand out. Fantastic job!

I have one issue which I think I am missing something simple. I have a tile layout with text wrapping enabled. However, the result makes each item (Title, Image & Text) blend into the next one, making it hard to distinguish which item the Title and image are related to.

I can’t seem to change the row padding or add a separator of some kind:

@ken The only suggestion I have is to use Loose padding. It gives a small space between list items, but that seems to be about it.


During the afternoon, I faced an issue : no more way to get tiles horizontally, this option was no more available. Anybody also faced this issue?

Will have to give another try tonight…

Are you trying to do tiles on tab or in an inline list?

Thanks @Jeff_Hager for taking the time to get back to me on this. That does look like the only option if I want to keep the text wrapping. I will give it a whirl.

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Hi, David. I saw that Tiles 2.0 came out and I checked it out in the builder, but I didn’t see anything in there related to the “truncated inline lists” we talked about. Is this still a possibility and, if so, any time frame? Just curious. Thx!

Hi. Love the new feature. But it seems like the images are no longer vertically centered and are now top justified. Can you make the images vertically-centered again?

Thanks for sharing. Can you tell me how you got the colored lines in the title for your training? Are they just photos?

yup. it’s just a photo, designed with Figma… :grinning: