How do I get a homepage like this?

Use the Tile style layout or inline lists on a detail style layout with the tiles layout. There’s a ton of new configurations for it.

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Could anyone tell me from how many items the “see all” tag appears? I made some tests but didn’t succeed to get the same layout displayed, with up to (only) 10 items. And the best, I think, would be to get it activated from 4 to 5 items, avoiding sliding to see the 10 items.

Good question, I don’t know either, I only get a long list.

You want to change the list from being vertical to being horizontal and it automatically show’s the ‘See All’ tag, :+1:

Unfortunately, no… My tiles list is horizontal, 10 items, and I haven’t the “see all” displayed. Only a long scrollable horizontal list of 10 tiles… Strange…

First, you would need to see the “Details” choice under Style. Then you could add components like an Inline List, select the “Tiles” style, choice your Source sheet, then under “Design”, you would select the best design to suit your needs, specifically the Tiles per row and orientation.

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I just went ahead and tried it myself. Anything over 12 items gives you the “See More”.


Works well

Play testing for me… how quickly the glide team are iterating is going to be a problem for me to keep up heh.

Yep OK, got it : the “see all” is there when nbr of items is > 12


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