Please help me

Hello there, i am in the middle of building this app, this app is supposed to be an app that can track my student’s progress of memorizing contents of a book everydays

How can i make this tracking possible in this app?

That is a pretty broad question. You say you are in the middle, what have you done so far?

Thank you for your response, right now, i already have a list of my students that i want to track their progress as you seen below on the attachment file

For each student page, i want there to have

  1. A calendar to put a date

  2. Attendance button (to record my student’s attendance)

  3. Assignment submit button (to record either they send or not their assignment

@Firdaus_Fazi When you say you want to record attendance, attendance to a class on a given day? If so, it sounds like you would want to add a sheet to hold that information which would be the one that has the date of the class, maybe the lesson that is going to be taught. In fact you may want to add a 3rd sheet. That would be the one that would hold the results of who attended the class. So that 3rd sheet would have two way relationships to both the Students sheet and the Attendance sheet. Check out Glides latest tutorial, it’s not exactly what you are looking to do but it is a great overview of setting up relationships and it will surely give you lots of ideas and practice in the builder if you follow along, pause the video, and duplicate what is being done.

Is there something here that looks like what you want?


@spencersRus Well that’s a fun app of apps!

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That is really a great app of app tool for teachers and I’m sure others. Fine job @spencersRus !!!

ok, all the problems above were solved, can you please tell me how can i add an ebook in my app? i want to put Quran in my apps

This is so well done! Great templates for many use cases. :+1:

What format are you using for your ebook? A PDF would probably be easiest. Just host the PDF in your google drive or elsewhere, make sure you have a sharable link, then add a link button, or something like that.