Tracking the progress of individuals

I am making an app for our community of around 200-300 people.

In our app, we have videos and link of books. I want to track the progress made by people (i.e. in terms of how many videos have they watched and what all books have they read completely). How can i track the progress of each individual.

Also, is there any possibility of login with mobile number or any other method, if people do not have emails.

I wish to know one more thing, i wish to frame questionnaire to people…so that i can know what challenges they are facing, etc…so is there any option to embed an questionnaire similar to google form or do i need to give a link of google form in the app.

More importantly, for all the above things, if i need to track the progress of person…so for tracking do i need to purchase a Basic app or Pro app or is it also possible with the Free version.

Hi @laveen_arora

Tracking progress of reading a booking or watching a video: consider gathering input from the user, via a toggle for instance. This information would need to be user-specific (= login required).

Login will require an email.

You can create forms natively in Glide, no need for a Google Form.

Why not start with a free plan and upgrade when needed?