Hey ! i am about to release an app..and.. i need some help

Hey. first of all thanks to all the friends here youre doing a great job…
i really used the forum in a lot of my questions…

So, i’m about to release my app, and i want to be sure and get some suggestions about the thechnical part of the app.

it is a simple app, got like 600-700 audio tracks, sort to catagories and some sub-catagories.
the thing is that it supposed to be used by thousands…and i need to find the best way to save each user details (using a login form), also i need the option of notification for live lessons or new lessons that upload.
that’s all for now… if someone got a nice tamplate that i can get some inspiration for how to make such kind of app. big thanks for all!

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1.- You can easily set up an app that requires login, and have users complete their profile in the app.
2.- I’d do a checkbox in the onboarding/login process, where users can select if they want to get an email when you add new content. Then, using that value, you can run a zap/integromat to send those users to a mailing list where you can send a new email when you upload new stuff. Here’s a video I made months ago regarding zapier notifications: Lesson 44: Push Notifications (zapier) - YouTube


thank you!
it’s possible to make an kind of alert when a user got in to the app, like a nuber icon above the tab of lessons or live broadcasts?

  1. User profile, put inline list or tab called “user profile” and filter it by “user email sign-in” and the let the user add/edit anything you want.

  2. Notification can be done free with a script to the google shit. I can offer services for emails and WhatsApp messages.

Hope that helps,

it’s suppose to be a user specific column right?

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user-specific is for other usage for example you want a choice component the filter an inline list but you want to give your users the ability to have a different setting to each one of them.


Dan want to see all T-Shirts that are red but Daivd Want to see in the same page all T-Shirt that are Blue

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Ohh now it’s more clear…
But how i making it creating a new row for each user?
i mean when a new user login…( i saw the option of a action that does it but the details in the form keep standing there)
i dont want my users see another users. i just want each user to fill the form, press submit, ok, whatever, and then have it in my google sheet, and after they finish, sending them to the main page.

If you have user profiles enabled, it will create the row for them when they sign in the first time. At that point, you want to allow them to edit that existing row instead of using a form to submit a new row. To prevent users seeing other users, you can set up Row Owners (more secure), or set up set up filters (less secure). That way a user will only see and be able to edit their own row.