Please have all pages link back to Home, navigation = fail

I keep clicking on a page \ feature \ FAQ page \ learning page etc. and there is “no” link back to Home in the top left or anywhere. It’s not like you have so many pages, but basic navigation is about as bad as I have ever seen it (and I’m 60, so that’s a lot of technology).

I am also stuck with a few basic features that I just can’t figure out related to components. I don’t want to spend another 2-3 hours to figure out something that should be 5 minutes. Perhaps that’s why Google purchased AppSheet. From some of the comparisons I’ve read, I thought you had the edge, but perhaps not.

If anyone here can give me 10 minutes in a zoom meeting to answer some questions that would be great, otherwise I just don’t think I can continue to struggle so hard.

Sure, Tom, please pick a time with me for a Zoom call:

Please join from your computer so you can show me what’s confusing you.

Also, I was checking out Appsheet and “ALL” their webpages link back to home, simple and easy from the FAQ, Blog, app itself etc. How sometimes smart and great companies miss the most basic things (like cars without wheels) literally breaks my mind.

I honestly think your product might be significantly better, and that’s why I’m trying so hard.

Thanks for the support.