Please change progress bar back to original design

My progress bar is now twice as thick and i don’t like the i (information) button. It was perfect the way it was. Please give options to change back the way it was. Many thanks.


Agreed. It messed up my design.


Agreed! Or add the original one as an option along with the new options.


If this is a vote. I vote YEA on your proposal. At least give options to get rid of that little “I”. Yech!



Agree. The new arch/circle are nice…but original thin and new thick should be options. I don’t mind the caption underneath it…but no “i”. Should be optional caption…if filled out it shows, otherwise blank. Perhaps also show caption as overlay.

Should also be able to select left and/or right align like basic table AND select a column to populate (max pts) for example.


Until then…throw this CSS into a Rich Text box on the same screen:

.gJGZti {height:10px;}
.cUfkHn svg {display:none;}


I do prefer the old one. Plus selecting the i pushes down the content below it.

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@Robert_Petitto - I had this fix and it worked, but it seems the ‘fat’ progress bars are back.

Do you have a NEW FIX?


Ya I think Glide is cracking down on CSS…the web-classes modifications aren’t working well anymore.

Same here. Went through 15 or 20 screens with the “fix”, but they are all fat again. Guessing they updated something that changed the div tag name.

Well, they did update the Separator today to include padding options on top and bottom… maybe they’re going to update it again and allow for different weights and colors for the divider line. That’s gotta be easy, right?! Haha

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