Progress bar : why a little "i" circled in black?


This little “i” circled in black is really annoying in the top right corner of any progress bar

When will this one be gone please? Haven’t you said that today Tuesday is the day to reset the old progress bar?

Thank you! Raph


Hey @Raph

Actually you’re using a stack chart. This little “i” is for Information

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Hello @Lucas_Pires, no no I’m using a Progress bar.
I’ve added it late June beginning July. At that time : no “i” circled in black.
I went of on vacations 2 weeks
Back yesterday, and this “i” shows up.

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What happens when you click on it?

Please make the ’ i ’ optional. And also if i don’t use a heading for the progress bar (eg. 24 Days to the rankings! ) then please hide that space as well as the info button. Basically just change it back to the way it was. Even the thickness is not ideal. The design/aesthetics makes it look too heavy. Or at least make the thickness optional as well.

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With this new unfortuante progress bar where you need to decide to “show legen by default”, even if I show legend by default = when clicking on the “i”, there’s a slight bottom padding being added under the progress bar ! Bad UX, I’m really angry at it…

Thanks, Raph

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→ how do you do so?


→ how do you do so as well?


→ can you please explain how to do it?

Sorry for the confusion Raph, i’m actually directing my message to Glide. (although i was replying to a post above).
Basically i would like Glide to

  • make the ( i ) optional
  • Hide the text area if we don’t use text in the title of the progress bar
  • The progress bar was working perfectly a week ago and since they start adding all the changes it doesn’t work as nicely for our purposes so i was just asking if they could change it back to the old design or give us options to omit the text space and the ( i )

Hope they fix it soon.


fully agree.

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Until then you can try this.


Excellent, in my case this one worked:

.gJGZti {height:10px;} .hByuZR svg {visibility:hidden;}

replacing .cUfkHn by .hByuZR


Well, actually, no, that does not solve the “i” which disappears on the desktop app but not on the mobile app… :confused:

Staging doesn’t have the i. I’m assuming they will release today. It may be Tuesday, but they are probably still sleeping or just waking up. :wink: . Give them a minute to have some coffee first.


I’m eagerly awaiting today’s push too - my understanding is that these pushes often happen later in the afternoon into evening West Coast time so I will be checking around 8-10pm EST.


Im not sleeping, you’re sleeping!


Ha! My bad. I should have never doubted. :sunglasses: