Playback audio record issue

I recently, for first time, used the audio recorder in my app, and it works great. It records, but I noticed that the playback causes problems only with iPhone users.

Namely, they show an error when they want to play a recording that was recorded on an Android device and even on an iMac.

So, I thought that the playback of recordings recorded on the iPhone does not work in general.

But, it works interestingly if the video is recorded on an iPhone.

So, at first, I was asking ChatGPT about that’s problem and it write me this:

The reason for the issue could be due to the format of the audio recordings. Different operating systems and devices may use different audio codecs and formats, which can result in compatibility issues. It’s possible that the audio recordings made on the Android device or iMac are not in a format that is compatible with the iPhone’s playback capabilities.

However, when the video is recorded on the iPhone, it may be using a different audio codec or format that is compatible with the iPhone’s playback capabilities. This could explain why the audio works when recorded with the iPhone but not when recorded with other devices.

To resolve this issue, you could try converting the audio recordings to a compatible format before playback. Alternatively, you could try using a different audio recorder or app that is known to be compatible with all devices and operating systems.

What do you suggest?

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Not really sure.


That’s weird. Are you on a paid plan that can submit support tickets?

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No, unfortunately, I didn’t. If you are, please report a problem to support. When they answer, please let me know!

If you can reproduce the problem in a video, I’d be happy to let support know about that. Thank you!

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I will try. I don’t really have a problem because I use an Android phone. My friends who have an iPhone have a problem. I will ask them to record a videocast.

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