No Sound on MP4 from Video Component on iPhone

I have a few MP4 video files that are used in my Glide APP. Most of those are in inline lists where clicking on the image action is set to view details. I have a couple of places where I have a video component that has the link to the proper MP4.

If I go to google drive and open the MP4 files that are used in the video object the video will play with sound.

Running the APP on Chrome or Safari browser, all is good.

Running the APP on an iPhone with the latest IOS I get the following issue.

The inline list videos work perfectly as expected.
The video objects show the video but there is no sound.

Can we have the link to the app so we can test ourselves?

The entire APP is a bit big so I put together a simple APP that has two different MP4 files.

On Safari and Chrome, both of these files will play with sound.

On the iPhone (with latest iOS level) the first VIDEO component and the first MP4 in the inline list will play but no sound. The second MP4 plays on all including the iPhone. The first MP4 is the same in the VIDEO component as well as the first entry in the INLINE.

It may be an error in the MP4 file that the iPhone is sensitive to but I am at a bit of a loss at this point.

Here is the link to the app

Thank you for your time and experience…


From my test:

  • Chrome works.
  • iPhone doesn’t play the video (I’m on 13.6.1 though).

Where are you storing your videos?

The videos are stored on a Google Drive and I have created a shared link that is in a row that the APP uses. I too am on 13.6.1 on my iPhone. The first video on the screen is a little slow starting but will play without sound. The second and third item on the screen is an inline list where the first item on the list is the same video used in the VIDEO component and the second item in the list is a fully working MP4 that plays with sound on the iPhone.

Can confirm now I can play both videos but the 1st one doesn’t have sound.

Yes. Using chrome or safari on a windows pc all the video files work correctly with sound as well. This proves
That the video mp4 files contains sound data.
What doesn’t make sense is in the iPhone or iPad the first video file plays without any sound…

One more test that I tried was to open the shared video from Google drive on the iPhone and the video does play with sound on the same iPhone where the Glideapp will play it but there is no sound.

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