Play random cards (pdf) to remember cognitive biases

Just want to share a simple app with you - it can help you learn and understand cognitive bias. It has a simple play functionality where a random cognitive bias is shown everytime you click “a card”


The app is copyable - so take a look under the hood.

Inspired by a micro-site ( done by Joachim Blicher

Another app focusing on cognitive biases is:


Thank you for sharing Kristian! Looks amazing.

Hi Kristian, your app is really nice.

Two pieces of feedback:

(1) Loading speed.

  • When I first launched the app, it took a very long time (15-20s) for all the cards to load in the “All cards” tab.
  • In the “Play” tab, cards take 1-2s to load.

(2) Starting tab
Have you considered setting the “Play” or “All cards” tabs as the starting tab, instead of the “Intro” tab? When I sign in to your app, I am having to navigate to another tab every time. An extra avoidable tap?

I like it.

thank you for your feedback. I haven’t had focus on the loading time. But sure could be better - and generally loading images are too slow in glide I think. Some sort of caching would be great.

Good idea to move play to the first tab

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Are you storing the image link in a GS or did you upload the images to the GDE directly?

If you want to test, you could create a new tab for testing purposes and see in which tab the images load faster?

@nathanaelb I have uploaded all pdf files via Glide so they are stored at Glide so they should be sitting next to the app.

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