A book reading App

Introducing Glide App for reading books… I started from the most popular one… Bible
let me know what you think?


Looks great. I like how you have kept flipping pages as “loading…”


thank you!

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Now you can change language… we added two more: Spanish and Polish.

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 4.34.21 AM

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Very neat and simple and yet has that old feeling :slight_smile:
Like your idea of using the gif for the pre page load and nice job with the font as well which makes reading lot easier.

I tried to click on the settings and change the language or the font size that doesnt seem to work ( Chrome on Mac ), wondering if its an issue at my end only.


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@Shiv thank you for commenting, i just checked Mac Chrome, Mac Safari and Samsung Android…
everything works… maybe you got in the moment when i was adjusting codes… can you try again?

Works perfectly fine now :slight_smile: Yeah probably i was accessing it when you were doing some changes.

Hopefully in the future such issues wont come as i presume the team is planning for a more systematic way of pushing the changes in one shot.


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wow… is this using a free app or upgraded? beautiful!

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It is a Pro App, but free looks the same… only deference there is no left panel.


Que tal amigo genial su app, tengo casi una idea similar a la suya, y no se si me podria ayudar…
Quiero que con un boton se me abra un link pero quisiera ver un texto en especifico… No se si logro hacerme entender

Sorry, but i don’t understand… can you write in English?..
To make a button open a specific text?
Make a custom action for this button to open screen and set colums with value from previous screen… this value will be row ID of the text… now you can have relation to that row id

Such a friend. I have a button and I need to search the web for certain information, how can I do it?

You need to be more specific… search the web like google? Or go to specific link? Or scrap data from website?

The option I have is open link. But only opens the website but not the text I need

Than you need to scrap data, there is a function in google sheets for that.

Sorry my friend, it’s just that I don’t speak English and I’m sorry to explain. I have a button that says art. 168 and I need a link to this detailed article…

You can upload the whole page to your sheet or use scrapping function if the website is updating new info

Do you have a video tutorial? I want to help myself there? Please…

No, i was doing that long time ago…i don’t remember anymore, you can google how to scrap web tables to Google sheets if you want dynamic data, otherwise just copy and paste.

Ok amigo, genial gracias

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