Open pdf in Glide

I have pdf files in Glide app. When one clicks a pdf in the phon-app it saves the pdf but do not open it. How can I make the pdf open and not just save?

Try using a web view component if you are using a pro app.
Also you can use open link action to view pdf.

I’m nit using a pro app at the moment.
What is open link? I can see ‘link’ only in glide app.

Ok. Found it. It works the same. It ask me to save it. No way to see it.

Are you using an action to open the document link in a new window? Is it a file you uploaded to your storage?

I’m using an action. It’s a file which is stored in my server. I inserted the link to google sheet.

I think this depends on your browser settings. When you download the file there is a menu beside the Filename. There you can choose to open the file-type automatically.


I use xiaomi smartphone. Please see the attached pic.
I only have an option to save the pdf.

If you have the backend under control this looks interesting

I’ll try to talk to them. However, If I try to open the same file from Gmail, It downloads it and opens right away. If I send it through What’sUp it does the same whether I put it in my server or in google drive.
When Glide is running on my laptop browser it opens in the browser.
So… I think it has to do with Glide code rather than my server but I’ll give it a try.

So it seems like your link forces a download, isn’t it? Is there a way to configure the link so that it opens in the web and not forcing a download?

I did this for an employee manual. I just divided the pdf into sheets and named them sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3, etc. listed them as images and because the sheet names are similar it allows to cascade through it like a book. If you want you can take a look at one of my Christmas Templates it has this on there as well.

I tried to do that. I used the ‘Open link’ and put 2 images, One image at column ‘image1’ and one image at column ‘image2’. I only got the first one opened. There is no linkage between the 2 images.
You wrote that you named the images by the same name. How can you do that? The name/link is giving by the google sheet database.
I wonder if that’s what you did.

@icanpiano when you have named them image1, image2,… then there will automatically be created a new variable image and this one you can assign to an image component and then an image carousel is created for you where you can scroll between the different pages/images.

Notice through how many pages you put in - the size of all the images could be very large and make your app crash - but you probably need to add hundreds

@icanpiano i did a random lookup page app. Take a look if you feel like it


Making pictures out of the pdf files don’t work for me since I can’t control the picture size as a user. It should match the whole screen and have the ability to enlarge it like a pdf. I tried it but the size is fixed.

@icanpiano it is unclear to me what you really want to achieve. Possibly if you put more words one the need it would help to give suggestions.

Do you want to open the pdf and then be able to scroll through the document (vertically/horizontally)?
Do you want to show one page and then by clicking on a button and then more to a new page
Do you want to enlarge the page in order to be able to read the text easiers

You know, you can put an action on an image “Enlarge image” - and thereby allow you to enlarge the image.

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Krivo, All I want is that pdf files will automatically open when they are clicked.

Try something like this. It works for me, a lot of the time, but sometimes I have issue with it opening the PDF and I have to try a second or third time before it finally opens… There might be other services out there where you could wrap the pdf url with the service url, but I haven’t looked.