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For context, I’m creating a leaderboard for my fishing club management app. We fish 8 tournaments throughout the season. Each tournament, teams are scored on their best 5 fish (weight). So first place get’s 50 points, second place gets 46, third gets 44, fourth gets 42, etc…

Along with that, the team that weighs in the biggest fish for the night get’s an extra two points added to their score. So since I’m technically making two different leaderboards (one for total points and the other for big bass), I’ve already gone and created the series of array columns in order to make the leaderboard like in this video:Glide: Create a RANKED Leaderboard! - YouTube

What I’m now stuck on is what formula I need to use in order to take into account the extra 2 points for the winner of the big bass. At first, I thought it was just a simple MATH formula, but the formulas in Glide are way different than Airtable and I have zero idea how to create a formula for this scenario. Another option I saw was using Javascript, but I have zero clue what I’m doing there. I’ve tried asking ChatGPT, but had no luck there either.

If anyone can help me come up with a formula on how to add the extra 2 points to their overall points IF they won the big bass award, that would be a huge help!

Hi Mike,

Assuming you have a structure like this:


RowID Tournament Name Date
f5c392c9-b0a1-4d17-b26a-26c2d9c6e764 Bassmaster Classic June 10, 2023
941a0e7f-2351-4d7f-88f6-319e312f34df Fishing Frenzy July 15, 2023
73e69a84-5f3e-4e9a-b3f0-8c1f8e3be829 Angler’s Challenge August 5, 2023
05e0c9b8-c9cd-4de1-aece-38b35a3c2537 Big Catch Tournament September 2, 2023
d62854f3-68f1-4c4c-83a7-122ec6e69d45 Trout Slam October 21, 2023


Team UUID Team Name
52647d72-6514-4b91-80e4-462c0f3b3e5a Team A
94718b24-5f1a-45ed-a6e7-4d4e2f4e79c2 Team B
d2d9ce91-90ee-4329-91b2-0b0a9c95c47a Team C


Player UUID Player Name Team UUID
29c2e89f-457b-4e7f-ae3b-03e614f6238a John Doe 52647d72-6514-4b91-80e4-462c0f3b3e5a
3a4e5197-0dc3-4e8a-bc8c-b6c7d8893295 Jane Smith 94718b24-5f1a-45ed-a6e7-4d4e2f4e79c2
9f51c0f9-3b5f-4c7d-876e-7a4023d7245a Alex Johnson d2d9ce91-90ee-4329-91b2-0b0a9c95c47a
8252ef0a-9d9f-48e6-9c6e-fbb8d11e076e Emily Davis 52647d72-6514-4b91-80e4-462c0f3b3e5a
e78087a1-4772-4b73-b222-c4d3545c802a Michael Brown 94718b24-5f1a-45ed-a6e7-4d4e2f4e79c2
702f5b1c-857d-4374-befe-c38f52ff6ab6 Sarah Wilson d2d9ce91-90ee-4329-91b2-0b0a9c95c47a
61432923-8db3-4369-967f-6c6716d6b7e2 David Lee 52647d72-6514-4b91-80e4-462c0f3b3e5a
d319aad2-efde-4f59-a759-4a4de7bc67e7 Olivia Taylor 94718b24-5f1a-45ed-a6e7-4d4e2f4e79c2
5367e383-d5e4-44ed-b9e3-0c44f98a94a1 Ethan Clark d2d9ce91-90ee-4329-91b2-0b0a9c95c47a
74f1e5a9-67cc-4814-8d9f-c11921be4e48 Sophia Moore 52647d72-6514-4b91-80e4-462c0f3b3e5a

Then, in the records table, we would have something like this, assuming we have only taken records from the first tournament. The “name” columns below are results of relation + lookup combos.

RecordID TournamentID Tournament Name PlayerID Player Name TeamID Team Name Fish Size
4e17a49c-2a87-4c83-9aeb-789bfa4ebabd 3db45a42-4eae-4a3e-8395-678be99744d7 Bassmaster Classic 29c2e89f-457b-4e7f-ae3b-03e614f6238a John Doe 52647d72-6514-4b91-80e4-462c0f3b3e5a Team A 12.5
835ae9ce-61c4-4fa5-a7e0-93e3c6ee1dd5 3db45a42-4eae-4a3e-8395-678be99744d7 Bassmaster Classic 3a4e5197-0dc3-4e8a-bc8c-b6c7d8893295 Jane Smith 94718b24-5f1a-45ed-a6e7-4d4e2f4e79c2 Team B 14.2
b1b9d4eb-3eef-4913-9233-4e372dbb1091 3db45a42-4eae-4a3e-8395-678be99744d7 Bassmaster Classic 9f51c0f9-3b5f-4c7d-876e-7a4023d7245a Alex Johnson d2d9ce91-90ee-4329-91b2-0b0a9c95c47a Team C 10.8
f0a7425d-10c0-4151-aa72-43b54e726f7d 3db45a42-4eae-4a3e-8395-678be99744d7 Bassmaster Classic 8252ef0a-9d9f-48e6-9c6e-fbb8d11e076e Emily Davis 52647d72-6514-4b91-80e4-462c0f3b3e5a Team A 13.9
9f35db6f-09df-4d89-91c9-5be2df68eb69 3db45a42-4eae-4a3e-8395-678be99744d7 Bassmaster Classic 702f5b1c-857d-4374-befe-c38f52ff6ab6 Michael Brown 94718b24-5f1a-45ed-a6e7-4d4e2f4e79c2 Team B 16.3
7512c894-3fb2-447b-88e2-3d352fd0c72e 3db45a42-4eae-4a3e-8395-678be99744d7 Bassmaster Classic 61432923-8db3-4369-967f-6c6716d6b7e2 Sarah Wilson d2d9ce91-90ee-4329-91b2-0b0a9c95c47a Team C 9.7

What you would do next in the Records table:

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