Summarize points from multiple quizzes

Hi gliders, thanks for all your help so far. I’m almost ready for my first soft release. The only thing that is not working right is that I have a quiz per week where users collect points and then a summary tab with a leaderboard. However now if a user completes different test I’m not able to add these points together e.g. the same user are on multiple positions in the leaderboard. Tried with relation column for email and then lookup the points but was not able to add that to an in-line list. Any suggestion son how to solve this?

Thanks :pray:

Hey @HeddaBO,

You might wanna see some of @Robert_Petitto YouTube tutorials.

He’s done that same thing in several of his apps.


This is really great!

Do you know if it’s also possible to show a user how many points they got directly after submitting the form that is the quiz? Now they need to go and check the leaderboard @Santiago_Perez1 @Robert_Petitto :pray:

Simple way to do is to use a Inline List, filter by user and apply Sort with submitted date (latest at the top) and limiting the items to 1.
This will show a “Show All” button though andcl tapping on that will then show all the results for that user. May suit your requirement.

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Hi @HeddaBO,

@Robert_Petitto explains it in this video.

I am following his videos to create this kinda apps.

I hope it helps.

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Great, will try!

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Want the list to sort by the total points by glide doesn’t add them together and instead have “show all” for individual points