Determine second position


I have a use case where participants will get rewards points based on their quiz result. In the data editor I can do a roll up and get the maximum to determine the leader (winner).

How can I determine the second and third position in data editor. I know in the inline list I can display with sorting but this is not useful for my usage.

Appreciate suggestions.

If you have the results in the Sheets then you can use this.

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I did calculations in Glide Editor

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Is there much difference between the maximum and minimum?

It is a quiz, so the differences will depend on response. however, the range is between 1 to 20.

Maybe the best is still to bring the calculated data back into Googlesheets
Is there a way to write from the data editor to a column in sheets?

Thank you.

Here I’m thinking fast…

1- Find the maximum value (winner) using a Rollup
2- Subtract this max value to other values and look for lowest result >0 now, it is your 2nd place
3- Subtract the lowest value >0 belonging to step 2 to other values and look for lowest result >0 again, you will have the 3rd place.

Of course, you will have to use new columns to Rollup and If-Else-Then operations.

I hope it helps you!

Saludos @Mns_Glide


got it working @gvalero
thank you so much.

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In continuation with this question. Now I have a situation where there can be many people with the same results or points and hence we will have many people showing up in first place.

I would like sort out where we factor in the timing…so first one to come in highest points in the fastest time will be winner…then all the rest will push to second and third…so basically even if we have 5 people with same highest points, only the fastest time will receive the honor of being first, second and third…

Suggestions please.
Thank you.

I think this is getting a bit complex to make workarounds in Glide as we don’t have a native “rollup for ranking” as you have seen. If you’re willing to bring the data back to the Sheet, then I believe you can use SORT function to do that.

Indeed it is. just sorting out the three winners required a lot of logic in glide. hopefully these formulas will be available soon in glide.

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