Place/Position Numbers in "List" and "Compact" Styles

I’m building an app that will display competitors along with their accumulated scores as they compete in events throughout the year (assuming life will return to normalcy here shortly). I was wondering if it’d be possible to add a feature that would automatically display the position or place of a competitor automatically when using the “List” or “Compact” styles. What I’ve currently been doing is making placement images in photoshop and uploading them into the “image” area. As you can image, it’s a tedious that I’d like to streamline since the amount of competitors is likely to balloon to 500+.

If there were only 10 or so competitors it would be easy to count, but if you’re in spot 268 and want to move to 200, it’d be very difficult to count that deep and figure out what to improve. That way if you filtered the tab by overall score, the app would automatically assign a place or position value.

Here’s a mockup of what I’m envisioning:

This is currently what I’m doing with individual photoshop images:

To speed up the process, you can use cloudinary to overlay a number on top of a generic image.

This solution involves ONE image and concatenation of a number (generated using Rank formula in sheets) and some image manipulation parameters (colorization of the image based on rank). Didn’t touch photoshop once :grin:

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Not a bad idea, Robert. What does the image start to look like once you hit 3 or 4 digit numbers?

I haven’t tried…let me test…I bet I could just add a condition to change the font size.

Untitled_ Apr 17, 2020 1_35 PM

Yeah looks like it’d have to be condition based. Hmmm, I’ve never used Cloudinary or written the conditions you’re mentioning. I shall try my best. But I’d still like this feature as it will be much easier to simply toggle on and off opposed to building in a sheet for each app.

Robert, thanks for all the suggestions and help!

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