Design Wishlist

I wanted to compile a list of design features that I feel are missing from Glide.

Here are some design features that would go a long way and would freshen things up…

1. Ability to place icons within a detail page (like the image below) that perform actions or hide/show elements on the detail page

2. Ability to change the app background or section and/or place vertical anchored icons in any of the screen corners (like below)

  1. Ability to place category tags that are sized in proportion to the word. Also the ability to stagger cards (like shown below)

  1. Allow more image placement styles on the detail screen. Especially with array images. I would like to place these as a grid of 4 images versus a scroll. Also the ability to create a scrolling menu on the detail screen would be so useful.

  1. More table functionality on a detail screen (like below)

  1. Smaller chart options. The current charts are gigantic. Is it not possible to have 2-3 chart visuals in the same line stacked next to each other?

6.On the tablet, make everything smaller and move the menu to the side. Allow more screen types.

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You may want to create a #feature-requests topic to share your ideas :slight_smile:

Done… tagged the post as a feature request.

Tip-Top ! Oh and don’t forget to vote for it !

Point 2 would be SO NICE TO HAVE !

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I love all of these requests! Nicely explained and great examples.

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impressive stuff!

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Help vote for these design enhancements to freshen things up. The current design options are getting stale. Too many limitations.


Yes they are.

I’d be curious to know Glide’s opinion on that :slight_smile:

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Me too

Please vote for new app styling options for mobile and tablet. Check out the examples above…

Another design feature to add to this list: the ability to add white space as a block (like how squarespace does it) as i find the UI can start to feel a little cramped with everything close together

Separators exist :slight_smile: you can change them from a line to just white space

Or add a text component with carriage returns :slight_smile:

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@Rollo_Wenlock and to add to the above you can define how thick or thin you want the separator to be which is handy in creating visual blocks.


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