Sorely missing features

Hello @david,

I’ve been playing with Glide for a week and a half and enjoyed learning this really cool app. I’ve got a lot of experiencing in building software myself so I can appreciate the effort that went into building this. That said, I find myself constantly compromising on what I want to do because it simply can’t be done but not for any great reason that I can see. I also find myself compromising on usability which happens to be important to me.

Here are some things…

  1. I can’t make tabs look the way I want and can’t use data from other tabs for most components. This forces me to add redundant content into the tab in Google sheet, even though it should be simple enough to let me call data from any tab, isn’t it? (I could be missing something but I saw you already do this with inline lists). Because of this, I gave up tabs completely! I just use the home tab and from there I link to different pages, which allow me more flexibility but still falls short because I can’t display any content I want. A simple example is wanting to add the same “call to action” to every page, like “Call us now!”. To do that I have to add the phone number on each tab, which makes no sense to me. Again, am I missing something here? Still a beginner after all.

  2. Missing colors. I’d like a few more options for background colors, buttons, etc.

  3. What happened to heading 4,5,6? I see heading 1,2,3, really missing smaller headings

  4. Can’t center titles on tile style. This one is driving me a bit crazy. Wouldn’t it look better if the titles were centered here: ?

  5. Forced to use images for icons where there are plenty of great icon libraries available out there. In this example: I really wanted to use icons from a library such as but this feature is not available, so I had to go and buy some icons, resize them and find the perfect scale to look good, this literary took hours and I still end up using this solution that’s very 2006, instead of simply using icons from a library, that always looks slick and are lightweight. Could be very cool to choose icon from a library just as I choose an image from Unsplash library.

I am very well aware it’s impossible to do everything, but I thought you might be interested in this feedback from someone who’s been developing software since year 2000 :slight_smile:, I think I’ll check on you guys again in about a year, hope to see some of my suggestions implemented. Either way, keep up the good work, very impressive nonetheless.


There are several ways to bring information from other tabs to other tab for display, I would advise you to try out more things. One option is a single value if you want to use the phone number.

User profiles also allow you to be very flexible in displaying content for users.

Do you mean the theme color? Or do you want to use more colors than just the theme?

You can add 4,5,6 using rich text, I know it’s not ideal and I would like to have more options supported natively for the text component.

I don’t know if Glide faces the same problem as me, but I had big trouble making an image transformation work with a centered style just yesterday. The difference in length of the characters drove me crazy.

Thanks @ThinhDinh, I know I can use rich text, but why omit traditional 4,5,6 heading, it should take the devs exactly 2 minutes to add that and will save us from doing all sorts of manipulations to achieve the same results, also, I often write custom text, and then rich text is not possible, it is only possible when calling data from cell.

Would like to center titles often, but can’t unless it’s “tiles” and “circular” images, not sure why.

Yes, I would like to choose a background color that is neither white nor black…how about a nice light blue? or whatever is suitable based on the brand of this company?

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I will check out the single value feature, didn’t dig into that. Thanks!

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@SuperMerabh really nice template. Great :+1: job! Like how you let the icons do the talking.

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Yes! Our goal is that most software on Earth is made with Glide by 2030, so we plan to add all of these features. Two years ago, Glide had zero features :wink: We’re working hard on adding these.


Regarding this, you can make a template column in the Editor to format it the way you want for display in a rich text component.

Thanks @Wiz.Wazeer :star_struck:

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I’ll look for it, thanks for your help! :star_struck:

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