Pizza toppings and product add-ons with added cost

Trying to figure out the first steps to making this work as intended.

I’ve set up a app for a pizzeria, customers can order pizzas in two sizes, normal and family sized. Individual pricing. No problem here.

Customer can also add one or more extra toppings. Which should when selected add to total cost. Base pizza cost + added toppings cost.

Are these selection possible to configure in glide, I believe so with relations. But can the add ons show up on checkout page and in stripe confirmation? This I am unsure of.

It looks like you are using a multi-select choice component for your toppings.

What you could do next is use a split text column to convert that to an array, and use that array to create a multiple relation to your Toppings table. From there, you’d have a number of options:

  • You could use a rollup to get a total cost for all extra toppings
  • You could use a template plus joined list to prepare an itemised list
  • When it comes to the stripe part, it should just be a matter of writing the above computed values to the appropriate basic columns when the customer confirms the order.