Set up delivery cost or add new entry on checkout

Hi there,
I’m trying to setup a menu with different price for delivery (at extra cost). There’re 2 ways to do this:

  1. Mark up each menu by percentage
  2. Have a flat fee towards the end

#1 is the most ideal way to do it so its based on how much is the purchase. I’ve tried setting up a conditional inline list (one shows delivery price and the other shows pick up price). The conditional however doesn’t work. Is there anyway or feature we can do this?

We need some customisation for check out.

I really hope someone can help. Let me know Thank you!

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Are you planning on using Stripe’s integration? At the moment it’s quite limited, and just adds selected items to the cart. You can’t add another fee to the cart, if the user didn’t select it.

Have you considered two separate menus? You would have to start by asking the user to select between delivery and pick up, then link to the corresponding menu priced accordingly.

It’s not the most time saving solution but it might be “good enough for now” until there’s more customization available for Stripe in Glide.

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