Pivot table using relations

Hi guys,
How can I pivot my glide table using only relations within the table and lookup columns?
The UserID is also stored as the ViewingUser based on the signed in user column.

I started thinking about row numbers as templates with the RowID somehow…
Any suggestions?

Can you go into more details on what exactly do you want to pivot?

Its a little complicated.
I have a measurement table that holds data that the users insert and is viewed by their trainer.
I need to show the data as a table with multiple columns but I have only 2 columns component in glide.
so I use a quickchart to create a table for each row
image example
and because the inline list cards or tiles option crops the image and has no “show all image” option I can only show them as images.
so I need all the data of the viewed user in one row.
I am limiting to 10 rows.
What I need:

You should be able to achieve that using a HTML or CSS table, and display it in a rich text component.
If the data for each row comes from a single column, you can construct each table row using a combination of template, if-then-else and joined list columns.

Can I have the syntax for that? I am not a code person.
I get this but how do I put the data in?

table { width: 100%; border-collapse: collapse; border: 1px solid black; }

Single Border Around The Table

Firstname Lastname
Peter Griffin
Lois Griffin

If we use that as an example, you’d first have a template column to build each table row, something like:


And then use replacements to insert the names for each row;

Firstname -> {first}
Lastname -> {last}

Then use a joined list column (with an empty separator) to join all the rows together.
Finally, wrap that joined list in a table using another template column:


That’s the basic idea. Obviously it can get a lot more complicated than that. If you need to filter the rows, you can do that with extra templates, relations (sometimes) and if-then-else columns.

And if you want nice looking tables, take a look at HTML Table Styler ▦ CSS Generator | 𝗗𝗜𝗩𝗧𝗔𝗕𝗟𝗘.𝗖𝗢𝗠


Thant’s awesome .
Thank you!

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