Picture carousel

I know how to create the picture carousel but when you get to the last picture you have to flip back thru the pictures. It would be nice if the picture carousel would go from the last picture to the 1st picture in a circular fashion instead of having to go backwards to get to the 1st pic again.


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Could be an option but I would not like this to be the only option as I use the image carousel to show an very width image (like 360deg)

Yes, the picture carousel should have multiple options based on the creator and app.

And an option to automatically keep shifting images based on a preset timer would help too!

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@Manan_Mehta maybe just one cycle? I know that I go crazy with gifs that keeps changing

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@Krivo @Manan_Mehta

Related to carousel features, by any chance would you know:

  • if it possible to create a carousel of images in the title component (the image ratio in the title component is different to that of the options in the image component)?
  • within an image component with a carousel, is it possible to tap to first enlarge image and then swipe in the carousel of the enlarged images?

@nathanaelb haven’t tried. Should be easy to test. Let us know the results

I have tried and haven’t managed to successfully make it work. I guess it doesn’t then :slight_smile:

for title component, you could create gifs which keep moving automatically like a carousel. In title the aspect ratio is fixed while in Image component you have options.
I dont know of any way to achieve point 2

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There isn’t (#2). It has been requested in the past.

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Check out https://rwtsk.glideapp.io/ to see how I handle images in the memories tab. There I’m using a relation from the record back to itself to create an inline list using the cards layout. In your case, I would store the images in rows in a different sheet, then use a relation to that sheet and display the images using tiles or cards in the horizontal layout. It will function very similar to a picture carousal.

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