Photo Uploading, Location Component Mapping, Drop Down Menus

Hello, a Glide newbie here, I appreciate any help!

My first glide project is making a onsite construction logging app, the app is intended for uploading photos of construction progress together with location tagging, I have the following problems using an iphone X.

  1. Whilst using the photo component, upload photo works fine as long as it is an existing photo but when I attempt to shoot a new photo the app crashes.

  2. The location component works fine storing the latitude, longitude pair in the defined (text type) column however I have not been able to make such addresses appear in a map component, as it seems to expect a traditionally written address. How can I make such lat, long pair appear on a map?

  3. One goal of this new app is replacing an exiting google form, in such we had for some fields a drop down menu of options, how can I have such in Glide? I mean instead of typing the field content being able to select within a list of valid options?

Thanks for your help in advance, greetings from Mexico City!

Juan L Aguirre

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  1. Submit a bug report. Using the image picker > take photo should not cause the app to crash

  2. You should be able to use the Lat,Long as the Address field in a map component. If it is incorrect, again, submit a bug report. Lat Long is for sure the most accurate way to make a location on the map.

  3. You’ll need to use a Choice component. Create a new sheet called “choices”. Give it a header in the first row. Enter new values beneath the header, one per row. Use that column as the source to your choice component.


Thanks Robert, the app is not longer crashing when taking a photo, maybe had something to do with my phone but it is working now, however for some reason the new row containing the photo, location, and some other entered data is being duplicated, I assume it has something to do with two actions being triggered, but cant find them, any suggestions? Thanks again!!! Juan

Did you add an ‘on submit’ action to add a row? That would cause a duplicate. A form is designed to add a row on it’s own, so if you are adding an ‘on submit’ action to also add a row, then it’s just going to create a duplicate.


To geocode, or rather convert ordinary addresses into lon/lat values, we use an Add-On for Sheets called Geocode by Awesome Table.

It looks up the values in a column, where ordinary addresses would reside, and then produces 2 separate columns: one for lon, one for lat. And then we concatenate them into one column with each value comma separated.

Works like a charm!

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