Map Not Showing Rural Location

Hello, my field-work photo logging app, generates photo records with location info (coordinates), most records happen in a rural area, places without street addresses (actually work involves building a highway), it works like a charm when displaying multiple locations, but when a single location is selected it just shows the generic county and does not show the specific location in the map. Just the approximate county name.

It seems like the map algorithm intends to show a street address always and when it is not present it just shows the county name which is fine BUT does not show any location markers.

Any suggestion?

PS . Thanks again for reading this and for all your valuable help, this community has been WONDERFUL, I am enjoying becoming part of this and look forward to contribute as well not only bugg you guys with lots of questions :wink:


@Juan can you use the Location component to capture geo coordinates? That will be your best bet in rural locations.


Hi David, that’s what I using, the location component, actually I don’t know of any other way, the problem is when displaying a single location does not show for instance try displaying this from inside a glide app.


It will show only the county and not the location marker.



Is your map address pointing to the correct column?

Hi Jeff, sure that’s not the problem, I am sure about it because when the location marker is not the sole one it displays together with others the problem is when displaying alone it does not show up, but just the county (municipio in Mexico).

I have recorded a video showing what I mean, you will see all records contain coordinates from location component, when displaying many they show but not when I click in one marker it just shows a map without any location marker

OK, so that last part of your video is showing another mapping app, correct? That’s not a map in the glide app. Only the part you showed with the multiple pins is actually within your app. Once you view the details and click the map link, it’s opening a completely different app.

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Hi Jeff, yes you are right its opening another app which is I suppose whichever is predetermined to open locations in my iphone. Do you know how can I set it up to open another different app, perhaps another one is better at showing pins? Thanks!!

I don’t know anything about iphone, so I can’t help you there. From the looks of it, it might not be possible.

An alternative would be to show a map component within the app, but if you are using the external map app for navigation to that point, then I’m not sure what you could do.

Or you could explore other map options that could be embedded through a web view.

Or you could try to build a direct google maps link with a template column and then open that link in your app.


Thanks Jeff for your kind help!!

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