To allow location

to access location of users us this possible in glide app

let them click location switch

How there is no field for location just like having option of image upload

you need to create a column for that

I did but it did not allow capture location

maybe you pass the 10 limits in the free App?

No I have only 3 app

No… lol… 10 captures

Only image option is there

where??? go to locations… again what exactly you are trying to achieve?

I want to add field of location

And field type is map

As @uzo said, you need the following:

  1. A column that will store the locations. Call this column “Location”
  2. A Location component that when toggled on, will write the user’s GPS coordinates to the Location Column
  3. A Map component to display the location on a map.

Please read these articles:


go to components

WHere is the component option

@Robert_Petitto take over bro… I’m too drunk…

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Do you have any sales support for glide app