Location Picker

As User can upload his image by “image picker”, same thing possible that User can upload his current location. ???

Hey there @Bhupendra, yep - this one is on our wishlist! :+1:t4:


We need it on the roadmap :wink:

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@JackVaughan Thanks!! I am waiting for same… :hugs:

i need the exact same feature. We want to build location based app with image upload.
When we found glide we were super happy and we really, really want to use it. The location service is at the core of the app though so we must have a way to push location data to the backend (we don’t need the constant map btw). @JackVaughan is there a roadmap or a “embed custom code/js” workaround that we could use in the mean time?
edit: on a related note. We’d like to be able to the user that he/she must enable location services if they are disabled.

Hey @AppMan3000 - at the moment I can’t say what the roadmap is for this. Like many other features we would love to see it, but can’t say when it will be live. You can learn more about our roadmap and voting for features here: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/etc/account/feature-requests

Re location services - are you saying you’d like to ask the user to enable location services if they have them disabled? I’d have to check, but I think that the app will do that when they initially use the map and press the location icon.

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Hi @JackVaughan what is about a workaround? is there a way to get the location data to the backend? maybe via some magic in google sheets or it’s script editor?

The only workaround I can think of is to get the user to obtain their location (address or lat/long) using some other app like Google maps, then have them manually enter the location in entry fields that you have in a form in your app.

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Archiving request, feature appears to be addressed with the Location component.