Can I use geolocation to allow users to save their current location within the app?

Hiya, I’m wondering if the pro feature for geolocation would allow a user to upload their current Lat & Long to a cell (or couple of cells) on a sheet when they clicked a button?

I am looking to verify a users location, like a check in, however I need stored Lat and Long rather than a visual pin in map.

Thanks! Keep up the good work!


I would also love a feature like that👍🏼

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Would you be okay with a dialog that alerts the user their Lat/Lng is going to be submitted prior to it being sent and allow them to opt-in once or always? We’re always thinking about everyones privacy!

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Thanks for reply @Jason. I’m happy to hear you are thinking of everyone privacy :slight_smile: I am a privacy advocate too.
I would want the user to hit a button to check in.

Notification is paramount for something like this. A additional dialog even after hitting check in button would be fine.

I don’t require a blanket opt in but if it exists that’s fine too. (maybe a toggle for this from an app admin point of view)

This feature would allow me to work on a pro app for a client.

I think this should be fairly straightforward to add, I will add it to the list :slight_smile:


over the moon :stuck_out_tongue: this app was one of my earlier ones I wanted to make for my client, but it was pinned. id love to get on this one too. you folks are stars. smashing it!

Hello :slight_smile: I’m new here … where can I find the “list”?


The list @Jason was referring to was Glides internal todo list. It is not something we have access to. Occasionally we are given an idea of the order and priority of items/features on the list.

I would also love to have this feature!

Agreed on this “checkin optin” feature