Can I use geolocation to allow users to save their current location within the app?

Hiya, I’m wondering if the pro feature for geolocation would allow a user to upload their current Lat & Long to a cell (or couple of cells) on a sheet when they clicked a button?

I am looking to verify a users location, like a check in, however I need stored Lat and Long rather than a visual pin in map.

Thanks! Keep up the good work!


I would also love a feature like that👍🏼

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Would you be okay with a dialog that alerts the user their Lat/Lng is going to be submitted prior to it being sent and allow them to opt-in once or always? We’re always thinking about everyones privacy!


Thanks for reply @Jason. I’m happy to hear you are thinking of everyone privacy :slight_smile: I am a privacy advocate too.
I would want the user to hit a button to check in.

Notification is paramount for something like this. A additional dialog even after hitting check in button would be fine.

I don’t require a blanket opt in but if it exists that’s fine too. (maybe a toggle for this from an app admin point of view)

This feature would allow me to work on a pro app for a client.

I think this should be fairly straightforward to add, I will add it to the list :slight_smile:


over the moon :stuck_out_tongue: this app was one of my earlier ones I wanted to make for my client, but it was pinned. id love to get on this one too. you folks are stars. smashing it!

Hello :slight_smile: I’m new here … where can I find the “list”?


The list @Jason was referring to was Glides internal todo list. It is not something we have access to. Occasionally we are given an idea of the order and priority of items/features on the list.

I would also love to have this feature!

Agreed on this “checkin optin” feature

Hi @Jason can you give an indication when Glide is planning to implement Lat/Lng based upon current location?

Hi Jason,

Any updates regarding the user geolocation notification discussed here?


I’d like to upvote this as well. The ability to submit location data is critical to my industry (transportation).


I’d like that feature as well. Upvoting this.

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sorry… I didnt realise. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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